We find works in private collections, corporations and museums across Canada, the United States and Europe and the Middle East.

EXPOSITION Hamazkayin, Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery – 2017

Agopian Expo 2017












agopianEXPOSITION  MAY 14 2015

Hamazkayin, Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

This is my contribution to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.  This alphabet are in 38 sheets of 80 x 60cm acrylic on canvas..

BROCHURE Krikor Agopian 2013

Some museums are exposed Agopian artwork

Here is a partial list of museums where you can see them.

  • Surcock Museum – Lebanon
  • Maison des Arts de Laval – Laval, Qc
  • Catolicos Museum – LebanonSpring time IV 61x96.5cm 2013 1.98 MB
  • ALCAN Museum – Montréal
  • Musée Maison André-Benjamin-Papineau – Laval


  • Domtar – Montreal
  • Association Culturelle Arménienne –  Montreal
  • Armenian Association of Toronto
  • AGBU – Montreal
  • AGBU – Beyrouth
  • Teleglobal – Montreal
  • Alcan – Montreal
  • BASF – Montreal
  • Global – Montreal
  • Alex Manoogian Center – Los Angeles


Galleries with permanent exhibitions.

Galerie Richelieu, Montréal, Qc

Galerie Rimawi, Rosemère, Qc

Galerie Aida Cherfan, Beirut, Lebanon

Expo Hamazkayin Galery Beirut 2013

Expo Hamazkayin Galery Beirut 2013

Galerie Noah’s Ark,  Lebanon

Galerie Hamazkayin, Lebanon

Gevik Gallery, Toronto