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Krikor Agopian


Krikor Agopian was born in 1942 in Beirut, Lebanon. His Armenian background is deeply anchored in some of his most renown works and recognized by the community and the country. Influenced by the country’s history and one of the worse genocides known from 1915, his work is a deep reflection of an unrooted nation still in search of identity. He lived and grew up in Palestine, Jaffa, where his father worked before going back to Lebanon in 1948. From there, he left for Montreal in 1963 where he studied arts at Concordia University and by Washington D.C. He finally married his beautiful wife Francine Fontaine, a French Canadian in 1972 before going back to live in Lebanon with his life partner while regularly traveling back to Quebec. 

In Lebanon, he was an arts teacher at the Lebanese Academy of Arts from 1977 to 1981, then in Bayreuth and Kaslik at the University Saint-Esprit. Despite the troubled period in Lebanon, at war since the mid-70s, he kept working on his passion while illustrating his attachment for his home country and the chaos it went through.

In 1989, while traveling back to Quebec, the war zone grows to a point where he cannot return to his home country. He makes Quebec his new home in 1990 while exploring handmade paper techniques. He wins the Excellence Prize of Laval for his work in 1991 before heading back to Lebanon in 1992 with his family. By 1996, he decides to move permanently with his family in Québec where he still resides.

His Works

Agopian is recognized for his unique work in surrealism that he takes quite literarily, just like his work on “Vénus” where women shine brightly in a world where women’s rights have still a long way to go. “We can take away a woman’s fundamental rights, but we can’t take away what is deeply etched in its soul.”

Early 2000 marks the beginning of his work on “Fruit des Dieux” where the pomegranate steals the light and connecting back to his roots as an Armenian and the country’s symbol. He puts the fruit in distorted spaces where appearances get mixed up in an optical illusion.

His work and talent uses a wide range of techniques: figurative or not, explicit or allusive, optical illusions, collage, drawings… And yet, despite the wide variety of approaches, he always aims for the same “The Mirage of Appearances”. His 2013 series about large pine trees is an excellent example of such complexity. Hyper realistic pine trees with a deeply rooted symbolism, Lebanon’s icon. The trees are the witnesses of a long bloody history of massacres where once so many of them stood and now numbering but a few. Roots exposed and ripped trunks represent well the fragility and the wounds of Lebanon to which he is deeply attached.

All and all, he was hosted in more than 250 collective exhibitions in North America Canada, The United States, Europe and the Middle East. Agopian’s art works can be found in many private, and public collections, Museums,Art societies in Canada, United State, Europe and Middle East .

Life Timeline

- 1942 Born the 14th of December in Beirut

-1948-1955 Protestant High School Beirut

-1956-1958 Hovagimian Manoukian High school Beirut

-1959-1962 National Protestant Secondary School Beirut

-1956-1965 Scout H. M. E. M. Lebanon & Montreal

-1960 1st prize at Pele Mele, amateur singing show, with Pierre Gedeon, Beirut

-1961 Singing attraction at the occasion of opening ceremony of Tele Liban at stade de Chayla, animated by Jean Claude Boulos

-1962 Music band & animator at OSSU, Vicror Bercin - Radio program | weekly Beirut

-1962 Music band & show animator at Le Monocle Hamra, Beirut

-1963 Emigrated ( with family ) to Montreal, Canada

-1964- 1967 Art Woodwork: Designing furniture, Montreal

-1968-1971 Lightolier Canada Ltd: Designing Lighting fixtures & elements, Montreal

-1967 1st solo exhibition in a restaurant, EXPO 67, Montreal

-1969 Met the love of my life, Francine Fontaine, Montreal

-1970 Hospitalized for 3 months,Centre Hospitalier de St. Laurent, Montreal

-1969 1st exhibition at the Concordia University - Montreal

-1971 1st solo exhibition, Gallery Genesis - Montreal

-1971 Back to Beirut by car from Paris - Spain-Portugal -Spain Then around the northern Mediterranean Sea to Beirut ( 9 Months )

-1978 Trip by car , Beirut -Greece,Italy,Swiss, Holland,West Berlin, Belgium, London, Paris, Italy, Greece, Syria to Beirut ( 4 Months )

-1981 1st time to win a Prize in any art competition, Makhoul, Beirut

-1990 1st Exhibition in a museum MAL Laval,Quebec


-1964-1965 Studio 5316 Design school, Montreal

-1965-1966 Washington school of fine arts Montreal

-1965-1970 Sir George Williams University ( Concordia Univ. ) Montreal

Teaching Years

-1972-1980 Basic design, Beirut school of fine arts, Beirut

-1977-1981 Basic design, Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, Beirut

-1981-1985 Basic design, Universite St. Esprit de Kaslik, Beirut

Museum Showcase

-Musée d’art Contemporain France

-Musée d’Orsay Paris France

-Maisn des Arts de Laval Québec

-Musée Sursock, Beyrout Liban

-Musée Cilicie, Antelias Liban

-Musée Mtaine Liban

-Musée Emile Hannouche Liban

-Musée Alcan, Montréal Québec

-Musée Papineau Laval Québec


-Participation at various international radio and television programs.

-Works published in numerous art and cultural books-magazines-newspapers

-Modern Publicity International, London 1967-1977

-Cent ans d’art plastique au Liban, 1880-1980 Beirut 1982

-Applied Art Magazine, Vol.5, Toronto 1990

-Magazin’Art, 3e Annee, No 4, ed. Internationale, Montréal 1991

-Tasmim ( Arabic ) Vol. 8 & 9, Dubai U.A.E Oct - Dec. 1999

-Parcours l’Informateur des Arts, Montréal 1992 , 2004 , 2005

-Marché de l’art Guide Vallée 3e edition, Montréal 2000-2001

-Applied Art Magazine, Vol. 5, Toronto 1990

-Magazin’Art , Repertoire Biennal, Montréal 2000-2001

-Guide de Roussan Marché de l’art, Montréal 1999-2009

- In front of the painting (Arabic) by Cesar Nammour , Beirut 2003

-Arabic for design by Mourad Boutros, London 2005

-Résonances: 82 Lebanese Artists reviwed by Helen Khal

-Cesar Nammour , Gabriela Schab , Beirut 2011

-Arabic for designers by Mourad Boutros, London 2017

-Galerie Épreuve d’Artiste by Amal Traboulsi, Beirut 2017


Art Galleries

-Richelieu Montréal - Québec

-Gevik Gallery Toronto – Ontario

-Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Beirut, Lebanon

-Aida Cherfan Beirut, Lebanon

-Tabbal Beirut,Lebanon

-Nihaco Beirut, Lebanon

-Rimawi Rosmere, Quebec

-Hechet Lahoy, LA USA

-Primavera Ohai, LA USA

-Village Frame & Gallery Montecito, LA USA


-1972 “ Mention d’honneur “ TMA group Exhibition, Beirut

-1980 “ Prix d’excellence “ Makhoul Arts & Crafts, Beirut

-1981 1st prize Makhoul Arts & Crafts, Beirut

-1990 “2eme Grand prix toutes categories

-7eme Concours National des arts visueles, Montreal

-1991 Nomination ,Prix d’excelence artistic visueles, Laval

-1992 2eme Grand prix toutes categories

-8eme concours National des arts visueles, Montreal

-1996 3eme Grand prix toutes categories

-13eme concours International des arts visuels, Montreal

-1997 1er Trophée “ Abstraction Diverses “

-14eme concours International des arts visuels, Montreal

-1998 1er Trophée “Frontiers Figuratives” Surréalisme

-15eme concours International des arts visueles, Montreal

-2001 1st Prix Competition ( Arabic Alphabet Design ) London

Solo Exhibits

-1970 Genesis gallery 1st expo in a gallery Montreal

-1972 3N gallery 1st expo in Beirut Beirut

-1975 15 Delaware gallery Ottawa

-1979 Smuggler’s Inn gallery Beirut

-1980 Arthur Matossian Art Center Beirut

-1981 Metropolitan Gallery Toronto

-1985 Galerie d’Art Bekhazi Beyrouth

-1985 City Hall Ottawa

-1985 A.G.B.U. Art Gallery Los Angeles

-1986 Galerie Tabbal Beirut

-1986 A.G.B.U. Art Gallery Los Angeles

-1987 Galerie Èpreuve d’Artiste, Kaslik Liban

-1987 Alec Manoukian Art Center New York

-1988 Galerie Èpreuve d’Artiste, Kaslik Liban

-1988 Alec Manoukian Art Center Beirut

-1988 Hamazkayin Art Gallery Toronto

-1988 Galerie de l’Atrium Montréal

-1989 Unique Art Gallery Toronto

-1990 Galerie Césame Montréal

-1990 Maison des Arts de Laval Québec

-1991 International Art Center Beirut

-1992 Tekeyan Cultural Center Beirut

-1993 Galerie Épreuve d’Artiste, Kaslik Liban

-1996 Galerie Maraya Beirut

-1998 Musée André Benjamin Papineau Québec

-1999 Noah’s Ark Gallery Beirut

-2001 Carlen Gallery Ottawa

-2004 Aida Cherfan Fine Art Beirut

-2005-06-11-13-15-17 Galerie Richelieu Montréal

-2011-13-15-17-19 Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery Beirut

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