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I’m Krikor Agopian

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“The art of Krikor Agopian embodies a multitude of universes where geometric forms, patterns and dimensions converge.”

Years Renown Artist

Krikor Agopian is the sum of different cultures and time periods. Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1942 and having grown in war torn countries, his art is a reflection on his own place in the world where beauty and esthetics take the most beautiful spotlight. The art of Krikor Agopian embodies a multitude of universes where geometric forms, patterns and dimensions converge to project various hues that illuminate the trajectory of man in a multi-layered environment that defies any description. His paintings are exhibited in museums and in private collections all over the world.

Awards & Distinctions

Krikor Agopian has been recognized multiple times as an amazing artist and painter thanks to his amazing creativity. Here is but a glimpse of those awards.

Mention of honor, T.M.A, Beirut 1972

Prizes of Excellence, Makhoul, 1980

1st prize, Makhoul, 1981

National Competition of Visual Arts, Montreal, 1990

National Competition of Visual Arts, Montreal, 1991

National Competition of Visual Arts, Montreal, 1996

National Competition of Visual Arts, Montreal, 1997

National Competition of Visual Arts, Montreal, 1998

Decorated with the Ordre de Saint Mesrop Mashtots by Sainteté Aram I. 2019


Despite hosting over 60 individual exhibits, we’ve listed only the most important ones after 2000. Agopian has had exhibits dating all the way back in 1969. This is but a glimpse of his most recent ones.

2017 Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, Beirut

2015 Hamazkayin, Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, Beirut

2013 Hamazkayin Art Gallery Beirut

2011 Galerie Richelieu Montréal

2009 Hamazkayin Art Gallery Montréal

2007 Univ. Balamand Liban

2006 Galerie Richelieu Montréal

2005 Galerie Richelieu Montréal

2004 Aida Cherfan Fine Art Beirut

2003 Galerie Deco St.Germaine Montréal

2002 A.G.B.U. Art Gallery Toronto

2001 Carlen Gallery Ottawa

2000 Galerie Astride Beirut

Curate Your Own Masterpiece

Krikor Agopian offers on very few occasions his talents to those that want a unique piece for themselves that can be part of the family heirloom or to embellish beautiful architecture.

His imaginative realism transmitted into fugitive impressions has led to an ephemeral flow of spatial relation, the outcome is a harmony in which the pleasure of color, textures, visions are a creation in reality.
Observer, Los Angeles
L’art d’Agopian est une invitation au voyage. Contempler l’une de ses oeuvres, c’est ouvrir la porte sur un ailleurs, à la foire très proche et infiniment lointain, qui emporte le spectateur vers une autre dimension tout en la ramenant à lui-même, abolissant à la fois le temps et l’espace…
Catherine Guex, Magazin’Art International, Montréal
A travers l’Oeuvre d’Agopian, on peut apprécier l’art éclaté, libre de toute contrainte. C’est une invitation à déchiffrer, questionner, s’interroger, qui ne laisse personne indifférent.
Dorval Lachine, Le Messager
The works of this gifted artist are visions that have taken a long time in being conceived. These visions have taken static forms on his canvases and are a philosophical witness of the eternal life of the instable man through the artist’s knowing application of color, lines and shades. And throughout his search for self-knowledge Agopian sheds aside influences and, getting crystal clear, goes on his way towards authenticity.
M. Zirani
Krikor Agopian’s unique style and interpretation of his mixed medias have made his works very distinct from other painters. He has sought and found lexical motifs which match our contemporary moods and sensations.
Spectator New York
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